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Christina on The Voice Battles

Christina and Marta battle out by performing a breathtaking song written by their coach Sergey Babkin!

Christina made it onto The Voice Ukraine 2017

Have you seen The Voice Ukraine? #goloskrainy @goloskrainy

Have you seen the 1st episode of the Voice Ukraine?

Who do you think will turn for Christina? Anyone at all? What song do you think she will sing? #goloskrainy#РікГолосу #ГолосКраїни #1plus1 #christinalaroque

The Voice, Ukraine, 2017

Christina is going to be one of the contestants of The Voice Ukraine #goloskrainy #голоскраїни #1plus1 @1plus1tv #голосстраны  #goloskrainy_official @goloskrainy_official @goloskrainy.ua starts Sunday 22nd January 2017 and can be streamed from anywhere in the world...

Mrs Pain new powerful song and video

Enjoy this new song written by Christina and produced by James Hawkins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoCiVl0CJM0&feature=youtu.be